How do we do it?

YouTube advertising is great for reach, but it can be a bit of a black box when it comes to insights into where your ads are showing and whether you’re reaching the right audience. At MiQ, we’ve taken the work off your hands by integrating with the YouTube API in order to get richer insights for activation and optimization.

Our suite of YouTube video advertising tools can give you insights such as knowing which videos your linear TV audience are watching, which channels your website audience is watching, and whether subscriber count, likes or followers have an impact on your campaign performance. Not to mention our unique approach to multiple layers of brand safety, both through industry-leading partnerships and through manual vetting by our expert traders.

What does that mean for you?

With YouTube by MiQ, we do the heavy lifting to make sure you’re getting the reach, awareness and performance from your YouTube campaign on exactly the right channels, videos and categories.