The future is biddable

The state of programmatic advertising in 2022 and the trends that will define the future

Soon, every media impression will be bought or informed by addressable tactics. 

It’s just a matter of time before every marketer is measuring data and performance in clean rooms. 

Within a few years, every consumer will be both anonymous and targetable.

With all of that in mind, now is the right time to look ahead and assess where the industry is and where it is headed – and most importantly, what these changes and trends in programmatic mean for marketers now and in the future.

That’s what we explore in our new report, The future is biddable: Programmatic trends for 2022. Via a survey of industry veterans, we break down key takeaways and action items for today’s marketers, to ensure you can effectively plan for this year and beyond.

Read our new report to find out:

  • What’s fueling the rise of programmatic spend across all channels, and how to incorporate new products and formats into a comprehensive strategy
  • What changing consumer behaviors mean for marketers experimenting with omnichannel campaigns
  • Why measurement, optimization and identity resolution are three of the top challenges facing marketers running omnichannel campaigns – and why clean rooms are the strongest solutions
  • How to mature your CTV strategy so it’s not treated as a silo
  • How to put these industry changes and trends to work for you as you prepare for the months and years ahead



The future is biddable

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