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MiQ and Samba TV partner to help marketers harness the power of Advanced TV in Australia

The partnership brings together Samba TV’s rich global TV viewership data and MiQ’s expertise in linking diverse datasets and providing global programmatic solutions

SYDNEY and SAN FRANCISCO, 26th August, 2020: MiQ, a global programmatic media partner, and Samba TV, the leading provider of cross-screen television insights and analytics, today announced a partnership to offer clients better planning and activation by leveraging TV consumption insights across the largest Smart TV dataset in Australia. 

The partnership is aimed at helping brands that are increasingly seeking advanced TV expertise to better manage frequency while maximising reach across screens and media formats including TV, mobile, connected TV (CTV), video, and display. With consumer attention more fragmented across screens than ever before, savvy brands will be enlisting this combined offering to ensure their investments are maximised for reach with a key focus on digital and offline outcomes.

“We’re excited that this partnership brings advanced TV viewership analytics and activation to Australia, as it has proven to be very successful in other markets,” said MiQ CEO, Australia Jason Scott. “This deal provides clients with early access to some of the richest, most granular TV insights to help inform their media investments, combined with our technology and expertise to better connect the consumer path to purchase across screens.”

Samba TV’s viewership data leveraged across tens of millions of Smart TVs globally, utilises proprietary and privacy-compliant Automatic Content Recognition technology to gather TV viewership data from a fully opted in and comprehensive consumer base, producing deterministic program viewership and spot exposure data from the TV device. Through phase one of this collaboration, MiQ will bring its TV viewership activation capabilities to the Australian market with advanced controls for reach and frequency management across screens and formats including CTV, mobile, and display.

“This partnership with MiQ will enhance TV measurement and activation in one of the most collaborative and advanced TV markets in the world,” said Samba TV Australia Managing Director Yasmin Sanders. “Our combined capabilities unlock a progressive approach to intelligent cross-screen planning, campaign optimisation, and measurement attribution insights using our first-party opted in TV viewership data across broadcast linear, cable and OTT. These insights will be pivotal to driving even greater value for marketers and brands.”

By combining MiQ and Samba TV’s insights across Australian households, marketers will have rich, deterministic data to improve amplification of their TV investments by finding consumers who are under exposed to ads on linear TV, and then targeting them with digital ads on other screens. The partnership will also offer the ability to build stronger segmentation for programmatic targeting based on customised, multi-dimensional viewership attributes, in addition to performing competitive retargeting based on exposure to other brands’ spots. Marketers can even use this data to optimise their TV investments to improve campaign outcomes by retargeting second-screen devices with complementary ads to drive site traffic or in-store visits.

The second phase of this partnership will open up the opportunity for marketers to tap into MiQ’s expertise in connecting these strong viewership insights to first-party or third-party audiences for richer, more specific audience insights and programmatic activation.


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