Gaming awareness

Taking gaming insights to the next level

How we helped an international gaming company target their ideal customers.


Our client, a leading gaming and entertainment company, had a new blockbuster ARPG (action role-playing game) coming out. They wanted the release campaign to do two really important things:

  • Discover what their target audience really looked like and get some insight into what they’re saying about the new game and games in general
  • Use these insights to attract new gamers to the launch website and drive sales


Our first step was running social sentiment analysis to find out what people were saying, then using those insights in keyword and contextual targeting.

To pull in new gamers, we also targeted third-party data segments that helped us reach avid gamers and users who were into ARPGs in general.

Then, to make sure we were driving sales, we retargeted site visitors who’d shown some interest and encouraged them with direct response ads. This also helped us create lookalike audiences to drive sales even more.


Our approach was instrumental in driving high engagement and intent throughout the launch campaign. We achieved CTRs that were 3.3 times higher than benchmark, and video click-throughs that were 1.2x higher. 

By using Environics Analytics data and tapping into our Reddit API, we helped the brand define their “bullseye audience” and understand what people thought of the new game, so they could adapt their creative for the launch campaign and build the insights into future strategies.