Standing out in a crowded market

How we helped a large e-commerce platform attract more customers with insight-driven branding.


View-through rate

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Our client, a large e-commerce platform with a strong presence in Germany, wanted to find new customers and re-engage old customers who’d gone off the radar.

But, due to fierce competition and high levels of brand saturation, this was no easy task.

Using market research and their own DMP, the client had identified a range of target groups with different profiles and interests. But they needed to know how to reach them with the right creative to drive more sales.

They came to us to see if we could build a customised video ad solution that could display individual creative messaging based on an interactive product feed based on the different preferences of different target groups.



We took a three-pronged approach to tackling this issue.

  1. Shoppable video: We created an interactive video using data from their dynamic product feed to show off all the daily offers. The Vertical Video,
    specially tailored for mobile devices, depicted the important Customer Touchpoint on mobile.
  2. Cross device: We needed to move across devices seamlessly, following up the high-impact brand messaging on desktop with sequential direct response retargeting on mobile.
  3. User segmentation: We wanted to deliver the ads within the target group but still reach large numbers of customers, so we used both highly-targeted one-to-one ads as well as broad contextual targeting. We also used 3rd party e-commerce data to make sure we reached users with similar interests to the customers already identified within the client’s DMP.

But that alone wasn’t enough. We fuelled the digital creative with intelligence, building a real-time GPS enabled format that was served to consumers when they were near a location, showing them a map of how to get there.


  • The engagement with the targeted videos was very strong, with a VTR (view-through rate) of 65%+, proving that audiences were into the creative we were showing them.
  • We delivered 250k impressions every day during the campaign – even more impressive during the highly competitive 4th quarter – and managed to address all the target groups.
  • We added an additional retargeting element to the campaign that pushed a 25% increase in CTR (click-through rate and a 4% increase in VTR.

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