SF Kids

Sending Big Tobacco up in smoke

How we helped San Francisco Kids ban the sale of candy-flavoured tobacco using smart programmatic strategies.


San Francisco Kids were a group of campaigners trying to persuade local residents to vote for a ban on the sale of candy-flavored tobacco.

But to do so meant beating the deep-pockets of the Big Tobacco lobby who were outspending SFK 6:1 and saturating the television market through San Francisco.

There was no way SFK were going to match them for contributions - so they had to be smarter.


We used 1:1 TV data to use Big Tobacco’s TV spots against them and nullify their effect, following up TV spots campaigning for the flavoured tobacco with digital ads that promoted the SFK message.

We also used our contextual targeting capabilities to reach potential voters who were interested in parenting or banning smoking in specific areas to make sure we got out the vote among those most likely to support the SFK campaign.


The underdogs won. 

Thanks to the tireless work of SFK, 68% of San Francisco residents voted to ban the sale of candy-flavoured tobacco.