Driving sails

How we helped Scandlines get more predictable revenue by increasing their digital conversions


Scandlines is a major ferry service provider on the Baltic Sea, offering trips between Germany, Denmark and Sweden. But, because many customers still book their tickets directly at the ferry terminal, their revenue can be unpredictable making planning hard.

Scandilines wanted to drive more online sales to help generate more predictable revenue and, at the same time, understand their audience better to improve performance across other marketing channels.


The first challenge was to identify the right target groups and analyse their booking habits. To do that, we placed our Capture pixel on the brand’s site to collect 23 variables in online user behaviour.

This allowed us to divided the customers into three segments:

  • Planned travellers
  • Spontaneous travellers
  • Advanced Travelers
  • Based on the insights for each group, we worked when users were most receptive to Scandlines‘ ads and which particular messages would work best.

    We created a Tableau dashboard so Scandlines could see these interactive insights updated daily.


    The Tableau dashboard provided granular information on everything from the performance of their different trip routes to which creatives were working best. It’s a tool that Scandlines is still using to validate and improve their marketing strategy.

    But we know you’re interested in the numbers… well, they’re good too.

    By segmenting Scandlines‘ users, we increased the digital conversion rate by 53%.

    And the CPA target they set? We delivered 146% to target, beating all the brands expectations.


    “MiQ understands the customer journey and creatively implements our idea of timing and targeting.”

    Michael Dietz Manager marketing and sales, Scandlines