ExchangeWire’s TraderTalk TV: Trading Across a Fragmented Ecosystem in a Privacy-First World

Want to know more about identity and the changes happening in the media industry as advertisers prepare for a cookieless world? ExchangeWire’s Ciaran O’Kane joined Georgiana Haig, product lead for identity at MiQ, on TraderTalk TV to discuss trading across a fragmented ecosystem in a privacy-first world. In the 18 minute episode they discuss:

  • How this current era of privacy, shaped by infrastructural changes such as ATT and the deprecation of cookies, is making measurement and targeting harder
  • New and historic causes of fragmentation within the open web, the closed web, and beyond
  • How MiQ leverage client data to help them navigate and trade across this fragmented ecosystem.

The visual below explains the post-cookie display identity ecosystem that Georgiana talks through in the episode.

What can you do now to prepare for a cookieless world?

Audit your situation
Understand where your reliance on outdated identity frameworks lies today. Speak to your partners and develop transition plans with them.

Get testing
Authenticated user data and anonymous solutions are ready for targeting right now. Speak to your MiQ representative to get testing.

Stay informed
This is a rapidly evolving topic. Read our blog posts for up to the minute industry perspectives and download our identity ebook – download here >>