LGBTQ Voices @ MiQ: Megha Malhotra

LGBTQ & Ally Voices of MiQ is an interview series that’s part of our Pride celebrations. In this blog, we’ll hear from MiQ people who are in different roles, in different countries, with different experiences. They’ll tell us about their story, how they’re celebrating Pride and what it means to them. This is just one of the ways we’re supporting the LGBTQ+ community and raising awareness. It reflects how far society has come, but how far we still need to go.


Name: Megha Malhotra
Pronouns: She / her
Region: India
Role: Analyst II (DnA)
Sexuality: Straight / Ally

What was your first Pride experience?
I had my first experience last year when I participated in the Pride Ally Challenge. It was a real eye-opener for me. I found out about mental health issues within the LGBTQ+ community, the correct terms to use and how to use pronouns in a more inclusive way. Most of all, it was really overwhelming to read people’s coming out stories.

What does LGBTQ+ Pride mean to you?
It means unlearning ‘conventional’ thinking that society has taught us. And it’s about being an ally for every person that needs support on their journey. 
What do you find inspirational about Pride month?
Celebrating people from different walks of life and making them feel welcome in every way possible.

Do you have a favorite LGBTQ+/celebrity?
Jim Parsons, famously known as Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. 

How will you be getting involved with and celebrating Pride this year?
I’m proud to be part of MiQ’s Pride Employee Resource Group. So I’ll be helping the India team communicate important information, host insightful sessions and hold thought-provoking discussions.