LGBTQ Voices @ MiQ: Joao Flores

LGBTQ & Ally Voices of MiQ is an interview series that’s part of our Pride celebrations. In this blog, we’ll hear from MiQ people who are in different roles, in different countries, with different experiences. They’ll tell us about their story, how they’re celebrating Pride and what it means to them. This is just one of the ways we’re supporting the LGBTQ+ community and raising awareness. It reflects how far society has come, but how far we still need to go.


Name: Joao Flores
Pronouns: He / him
Region: Canada
Role: Account executive
Sexuality: Gay

What was your first Pride experience?
My very first Pride experience was in Toronto. I walked in the parade with some friends and even got to see Pabllo Vittar, a Brazilian drag queen and pop singer. (I’m from Brazil, so that was a big deal!) It was great to see so many people support the event. 

What does LGBTQ+ Pride mean to you?
There being no issue with being my true self. (Which isn’t always what the community has been told.) 

What do you find inspirational about Pride month?
I love that it’s all about inspiring and educating people, and there being no problem with just being who we are. Love is love – we just want to be happy, without being afraid to be ourselves. 

What messages do you hear about LGBTQ+ people in your daily life, and from your family, friends and colleagues?
I’m lucky to have supportive family and friends. But I have heard a couple comments about other people that I needed to talk about. 

What advice do you wish you had growing up and what would you say to a young LGBTQ+ person now?
Don’t hold back in expressing yourself and being who you are. Live the life you want and don’t settle for less because of what people think or say. Remember you deserve love and happiness.